Top 10 things to do in Cape Verde

Heading on a Cape Verde holiday? Here's some of the top things to do in Cape Verde during your escape to the archipelago. Holidays to Cape Verde are rewarding and exciting experiences, giving holidaymakers the opportunity to enjoy a range of different holiday types, from relaxing escapes soaking up the beauty of the coastline and the pampering nature of the hotel, to adventurous trips focused on water sports and outdoor pursuits. There are countless things to do in Cape Verde, and it is worth spreading these activities across the days you spend in the archipelago, thus allowing you to gain a diverse and rewarding array of experiences. Deciding exactly what you want to do during your holiday can often be a process of stress and indecisiveness, so we've put together this list of our top 10 things to do in Cape Verde to help you make up your mind more easily.
1. Go diving or snorkeling There are a number of diving and snorkeling options for holidaymakers who want to explore Cape …


Cape Verde is one of our favorite destinations in the world. We traveled for almost 3 months to six different islands and we’ve become big fans of Cape Verde. And we love to share all our travel tips and travel guide videos with you.

Cape Verde is a nice melting pot of different cultures and influences. You will experience a Portuguese, South American and African culture vibe with a touch of Caribbean when you arrive in Cape Verde. Every island has its own unique vibe with more Portuguese or African influences than the other. The Cape Verdeans are known for the high level of Morabeza. A word of the locally spoken language, Creole. The meaning of Morabeza is the high level of hospitality and kindness the Cape Verdeans have towards each other and travellers. Especially the island of Santo Antao is known for the high level of Morabeza.
Weather Cape VerdeLike we expressed tremendously, the weather in Cape Verde is great. It's one of the main reasons why you should book a holiday to Cap…


Endless green valleys, the call of wild beasts under a rain forest canopy and the allure of a country to be explored – these are just some of the reasons to visit Rwanda. This east African country is small and often overlooked, yet is slowly making its way onto the bucket list of adventurous travelers from across the world. Not sure what to expect by this beautiful destination? We’ve compiled a list of why you simply need to go. Gorillas and other primatesBig and small,Rwanda has the most spectacular primates that live within the borders of this country. Venturing out to seek and observe gorillas is often seen as one of the most amazing things that you could ever do. There are, approximately, only 880 gorillas left in the world, and to get the chance to see them in their natural habitat is something that not many can claim. In the north of Rwanda, near the Virunga Mountains, set your sights on the slopes of the dense jungle, with a hike that can last anywhere between 30 minutes and ma…


Whether you plan to travel with friends, family, or you want to meet new people and travel with strangers, group travel can open you up to a world of experiences. Weigh up the benefits of travelling in a group and decide on the best group holiday destinations to suit your needs. What is group travel? Group travel is essentially defined as an organised group of around 10 people or more, travelling together on the same itinerary. Agencies can provide exclusive group travel deals and discounts on airline tickets to group holiday destinations. The term also sometimes applies to companies arranging group travel packages for staff in their organization. What are the advantages of group travel? There are a myriad of group travel benefits to be enjoyed and travelling with others can be incredibly rewarding – and affordable! While travelling alone can also be exciting, there’s often nobody to share the experience with. Consider some of these benefits of group travel: Pre-scheduled itineraryRed…


f you are one of the people who think Santorini Greece is an isolated place then you are wrong. Santorini is known to be one of the most visited places and romantic holiday destination in the world. In 2018, Greece welcomed around 33 million tourists and the number is expected to increase. So, what makes the Aegean Islands a hot item on the bucket list of most travelers? Santorini is one of the Cyclades islands devastated by a volcanic eruption in 16th B.C. This ancient city will fascinate you with its white-washed houses, blue-domed churches, volcanic landscape and panoramic seaside views. Most of the houses in this ancient city are colored with volcanic ashes. This island is truly a sight to behold. Enough teasing let’s get up close with one of the most picturesque places on the planet… Best Time To Visit Santorini The best time to visit Santorini is during the off-peak travel season for those travelling with kids and love a serene environment. During summer, it’s pretty daunting t…


Don’t let the worry of getting your visa, stop you from crossing off your travel destinations this year. There are a number of beautiful places to visit and all you require is a visa on arrival. This article will cover a number of exotic places you can visit, all you need is your plane ticket and a good mindset. To make the best memories this year!

Barbados This Caribbean island is a must-see for all those Tropicana vibes you need, to take the best Instagram shots. For a go-to spot to visit this summer holiday look no further than Barbados, make your dream holiday a reality. Apart from the serene environment, there are other places to explore like the Harrison’s Cave. The best part, a visa is free for 6 months, you have ample time to live your best life.  Cameroon Cameroon is seemingly becoming more popular among its African counterparts. This may be because of its gorgeous beaches, wild Waza National Park, Mount Cameroon which has slowly become every hitchhiker’s dream. Best of all Ca…