London,Rome,Paris are some of the most popular cities visited in Europe,but happens to be very expensive,There are  alternative cities that present there own signature style of uniqueness without costing a fortune.

1.BERLIN,GERMANY:At one time,Berlin was a tale of two cities that separated the east from the west with a wall, The city's museums and nightlife are among Europeans best and a river boat ride on the spree River makes you see the city in different perspective, you will be pleased to know that Berlin cuts the cost in half when compared to other German cities.

2.BUCHAREST,ROMANIA:The museum of peasant life tells the story of how many of the locals in rural Romania proudly live with  little modern conveniences. The distance may be further away from Nigeria and flight slightly more expensive, the type of huge savings Bucharest gives are, 5 star hotel accommodation are priced at what a 2 star would be else where.

3.ATHENS,GREECE: Athens is the capital and the largest city of Greece,Athens dominates the region and one of the worlds oldest city,Nigerians visiting Athens will find that over all value in savings is everywhere,including Entertainment,food and hotels. Athens is full of surprises.

4.VALENCIA SPAIN:Valencia is Spain third largest city, Valencia has an abundance of ultra modern hotels that are extremely expensive,look towards those that are closer to the city of Arts and sciences, they are very affordable and comfortable,Valencia Spain offers you wit lots of tours and attractions.

5.SOFIA,BULGARIA:Sofia ,Bulgaria charms are subtle , and its standout is mount vitosha. it offers the prospect an adventure of a life time ,their report ranked the hotels and eateries as the cheapest among 72 other cities.Sofia,Bulgaria offers lots of activities like local experiences,Air,Helicopter, Balloon tours and outdoors activities.


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