7 Important Airline Safety Tips.


While passengers have to deal with constant changes in airport security and even the items prohibited and restricted from airline flight, A lot of the basic common sense suggestions for flying haven't changed a all.

1. Choose Larger Aircraft:
Currently,aircraft with more than 30 passengers seats are designed and certified under the strictest regulations.Largest aircraft provide a better opportunity for passenger survival.

2.Pay Attention To The Pre flight Briefing:
Although the information seems repetitious,the locations of the closet emergency exit maybe different depending on the aircraft  that you fly on and seat you are in,you must pat attention to all the details.

3.Keep Your Seat Belt fastened While You Are Seated:
Keeping the belt on when you are seated provides that extra protection you might need to help you.

4.Let The Flight Attendant Pour Your Hot Drinks;
Flight attendants are trained  to handle hot drinks like coffee or tea in a crowded aisle on a moving aircraft, So allow them to pour the drink and hand it over to you.

5.Do Not Drink Too much;
Any alcohol you consume on the airplane will affect you more strongly than the one you consume at the sea level,Moderation is a good policy.

6. Keep Your Wits About you:
In case  you are involved in an emergency evacuation,follow the direction of the flight attendants        and flight crew and exit the aircraft as quickly as possible.

7.Do Not Bring Hazardous Material:
there are hazardous material that are not allowed,such items on the aircraft can be dangerous and can cause disaster at anytime.


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