Honeymoon destination such as Hawil,Bahamas,Maldives , Paris  are quite popular all over the world and its too often that you hear people going to these places .These  destination are wonderful but they can be crowded and expensive.
If you need an unforgettable relaxed and stimulating honeymoon and of course very affordable,why dont  you  try  something unique?

if you are planning the honeymoon of your dreams, Here are 7 honeymoon destination in Africa .

Mombasa,the second largest city in Kenya offers endless options for fun with its beautiful beaches and exciting things to do the city has a good climatic conditions,luxury beach resorts vibrant night life with so many beautiful attractions, Here you find private beach resorts and lodges such as  Neptune Beach Resorts, these are places where honeymooners can experience an unforgettable and romantic moments.

2. Kombo central,The Gambia
Kombo central is located in the  south of Gambia River and filled with a wide array of accommodation options and exciting activities, Honeymoon spots such as Masaku and Mandina forests,It offers couples many romantic and adventurous option these spot are places you can spend a whole day with your spouse without interference.

Zanzibar island is one of the most beautiful islands in Africa known for its luxurious,spice tours,National parks, Beach hotels and resorts,cultural attractions.Zanzibar has it all when it comes to amazing honeymoon ideas.

4. Hammaett,Tunisia
Hammamet is a popular tourist destination in Tunisia and it has its own unique flavor. The  city is home to renowned attractions in the country and some remarkable sights.It is a perfect spot for honeymoon,its an epitome of an African paradise, the destination provides great witness and privacy.

5.Sharm el_sheikh,Egypt
Surrounded by the red sea, sharm el sheikh, a popular destination in Egypt is an amazing place for honeymoon vacation.The town has so much to offer, amazing views of the red sea, sharm el shelkh is one of the most exotic places in Egypt its a good honeymoon spot for newlyweds.

6. Lake Malawi,Malawi
Lake Malawi offers  a refreshing chill,warm climate and amazing view,Honeymooners need not to worry about anything but waking up and enjoying the experiences,lake Malawi create memories that lasts for a lifetime.

7.Lake kivu Rwanda
the lake is a very popular destination in East Africa with variety of accommodation and exciting activities around the lake,lake Kivu blends perfectly ,Is a perfect location for romantic honeymoon.


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