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Flying with an infant isn't the easiest thing in the world, But with a little planning it doesn't have to be
a total headache.Check out these tips for flying with a baby to make your trip a lot less stressful

1.FIGURE OUT WHERE THE BABY IS GOING TO SIT.: You dont  need to buy ticket for babies under 2 years old they are allowed to sit on your laps,The safest place for baby is in a child restraint system,many infant car seats are approved for use on airplane,so check your car seat manual.Though to use a child restraint you will need to buy baby seat a ticket.

2FIND OUT WHAT YOU CAN CARRY ON: Contact your airline on time to ask about their policies for checking strollers and car seats, How much extra baby related baggage that is allowed on the plane,knowing the rules makes your travel easier.

3.WEAR BABY ON WHEN GOING THROUGH SECURITY:Having  two hands free, makes things much easier especially when collecting your belongings after passing through the checkpoints.

4.RECONSIDER BOARDING EARLY: Airlines allow you board the plane if you are travelling with a small child,Take advantage of that and sit comfortably with your child.

5.SIT BY THE WINDOW :Sitting by the window will prevent the baby from stretching out into the aisles where flight attendants and other passengers are constantly walking back and front.

6.BRING ENTERTAINMENT: To keep the baby from climbing the seat in front of you,Bring toys to keep his attention,Do not  bring anything that will disturb the peace of other passengers.

7.PLAN AHEAD AND RELAX: Remembering what to bring when flying with a baby can be stressful,Make packing list for yourself so that you wont forget anything on your way out,If you are visiting family,contact them ahead of time and ask them to pick things like diapers and wipes  so you dont have to carry bulky items in your luggage.


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