The following advice should help you avoid many of the problems that passengers have with carry on checked luggage.

1.TRAVEL WITH ONLY CARRY ON LUGGAGE: By using only carry on luggage,you dont risk having checked luggage, lost or stolen.

2.DO NOT PUT HEAVY ITEMS IN THE OVERHEAD STORAGE BINS:While the weight limit for carry on items is generally about 40Ibs even a more lighter bag may cause severe injury if it falls out of the bin.
3.PUT YOUR CONTACT INFORMATION INSIDE AND OUTSIDE EVERY BAG:You should always put a copy of your itinerary inside and outside every bag to make it easier for the airline to reunite.

4.CUSTOMIZE THE LOOK OF YOUR BAG TO MAKE IT EASY TO IDENTIFY: Many bags  on a flight may have a similar design, so its best you customize  your bag to make it easier to spot on a baggage carousel.

5. MAKE SURE THAT THE AIRLINE TAG ON YOUR CHECKED LUGGAGE IS FOR THE CORRECT DESTINATION: Every piece of checked luggage should have a three letter airport identifer that matches your destination airport ,if you are unsure of the code,ask the ticket agent.


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