Jet lag also called desynchronsis and flight fatigue,is a temporary disorder that causes fatigue,insomnia, and other symptoms as a result of travel across timezone,it is considered a circadian rhythm sleep disorder,which is a disruption of the internal body clock.
Here are some tips that will help you to prevent jet lag during and after flight.

1.GET A GOOD NIGHT SLEEP BEFORE YOU FLY;People often end up sleeping for just a few hours before a long flight,thinking they will sleep through the flight, big mistake last minute changes to your routine will only make it harder to adjust to new time zones,getting a good sleep before your flight will leave you better equipped to cope with jet lag.

2.RELAX YOUR SCHEDULE;Know when to prepare for a long flight to avoid fatigue if you are someone with a rigid schedule at home,try to relax that schedule before your flight,you will start your trip with  an advantage.

3.AVOID ARRIVING AT NIGHT;If possible book for flight which arrives in daylight,this will make it easier to stay awake,you got a full day ahead of you.

4.SPLIT UP THE TRIP; Try and build in a stopover,so your body has more time to adapt to the new routine,this can also slash the price of your airfare.

5.AVOID THE BAR; The effect of alcohol at altitude will increase tiredness and cause dehydration,making it harder to beat the inevitable jet lag,avoid any thing that will push you to take alcohol.

6.AVOID SLEEPING PILLS; Relying on sleeping pills for a long flight is a bad idea,it wont help you recover from jet lag and it will leave you feeling fuzzy when you land,if you are in need of some shut eye,do it the natural way.

7.SAY GOODBYE TO COFFEE; Avoid caffeine heavy beverages such as coffee,cola and energy drinks,they will affect you ability to sleep and increase jet lag recovery time,your body functions well when its hydrated,so drink a lot of water, is a great way to offset the effects of jet lag.

8. EXERCISE;Move around, and do exercises to keep the blood flowing, slow flow of blood is  one of the common effect of jet lag.

9.EAT RIGHT;Try and eat the right meal in line with the new time zone,so that you wont be affected.

10.HUNT FOR THE SUN;Get as much daylight as you can,daylight makes you feel better,its a good idea before a long flight.


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