Preparing for an American embassy visa interview? You must read this.

 During visa interview, 75% of the time determines whether your visa application gets accepted or rejected based mostly on your responses to asked questions.
The consular expects you to be honest in your answers, stay within the stated days on itinerary and above all, demonstrate that you have no intention to live or work in the USA.

Some basic visa rules that must be avoided to mitigate severe punishment include: Engaging in acts that violate the kind of visa granted such as tourist visa for student visa. Do not overstay beyond what was stamped as admitted duration.
Simple TIPS on how to Pass your USA Embassy Visa Interview:
·         Dress smart
·         Arrive early.
·         Don’t get nervous.
·         Appear confidence.
·         Be polite and demonstrate respect in your language.
·         Seek for clarification if accent becomes a barrier.

Other unexpected or provoking questions could be:
For every question you answer, you must be prepared to provide supporting documents where applicable. If consular officer asks about your ties to your home country, you should state reasons why you would return to your country. Expected responses could be ‘’My wife and children are in Nigeria’ ’or “I’m the CEO of my business” or maybe you’re holding an important vital role in the company you are currently working, you should be prepared to show proof of this to strengthen your answer. Documents includes employment letter, pay slip, introduction letter, office ID card etc.
You can request for a consul who can converse in your preferred dialect if you’re not comfortable speaking English or assent clarity.
The purpose of your tour should be for vacation, visiting family, friends or relatives or any allowed activities. Respond should related with information submitted in the DS-160 application form stored in their database which they can look at to verify your answers at any time. If your application has been previously rejected, you can’t change details the next time you go for an interview, know all the answers to the questions on your visa application form by heart.
Your appearance should show who you are, if you’re a business executive, you should look like one, if you are a student, dress up like a student, your body language should carry friendliness and that you know exactly why you are there and that you’re serious about your goal. Don’t fidget or show unnecessary body movements.
The consular officer doesn’t really need to look at your documents, they have vast experience and have seen or processed so many applications many times they can figure out your intentions just by looking at you or by hearing you speak, they experienced in different fields and can ask you technical questions about what you do, you will be surprised to know about things they might know or be experienced in, the consular officer can be an expert in what you do.
Don’t give away unnecessary information voluntarily if it’s not being asked, In some cases, applicants try to be smart and give more than what is asked, this may trigger additional related questions which many not work in your favour, make sure you keep your communication brief and to the point.
In cases where you are applying as a group or even family, be prepared for situations where the consular officer will decide to give one or two out of the group visa, Ideally the group or family would like to travel together, if they decide to give one person, you should take it as it’s better than having the group’s visa rejected, this way it will be easier to apply again next time.
Finally, if granted visa then ensure you go through details of the visa carefully. Make sure there are no typographical errors in the name, passport number, date of birth etc. and make sure everything is clear as these errors might get you returned at the port of entry. You can get affordable and best flight ticket deals to any part of the USA at Nogle Travels as your number one online travel agency.
If you don’t get the visa, it’s not the end of the world, you can always apply again but ensure the situation had changed from the previous conditions.
Best wishes from Nogle Travels.


  1. Is it only the tips you it here can make one get visa? what about a situation that one meet up with these requirements and visa is not issued...what can you say it really cause it? pls tell me

    1. everything about visa is left in the hands of the embassy to decide,just do all the necessary things.


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