Dubai is no doubt a  paradise for any traveler and most Nigerians have  succumbed  to its charm. Today, Dubai is one of the most visited destinations for Nigerians,it offers the best value attraction that anyone can enjoy
Here is  a list of our top attraction sites to visit in Dubai.

1.DUBAI MALL; Dubai mall,located next to Burj khalifa, is the largest mall in the world over 1,200 luxurious things to behold,there are lots of things to see and do in the mall such as salt water aquarium, restaurant and cinemas,Dubai mall is much more than shopping,you must surely have fun when you visit the mall.

2.BURJ KHALIFA; Burj khalifa,about 828 meters tall,is one of the tallest building ,its magnificent, beautiful,an impressive sight. its a place everyone wants to visit to see the breathtaking views of Dubai,there is a gift shop on the 124th floor where you can souvenirs to take home.

3.DUBAI FOUNTAIN; The Dubai fountain, worlds largest fountain system,located outside Dubai mall, a ground lake below the Burji khalifa with fountain that shoots water 500ft into the air, accompanied by music the fountain show is always impressive,the fountain is always illuminated at night and its a beautiful sight.

4.JUMERIAH BEACH; Jumeriah beach is a long beach in Dubai which consist of several beaches and beach parks,along the beaches there are several Emirates most luxurious hotels such as Buri al Arab.

5.DUBAI CREEK; One of the most popular pleasure trip among Nigerians who have traveled to Dubai is to go on a cruise ride on a classic wooden boat,on Dubai creek,for the refreshing golfing experience visit the Dubai creek.

6.DUBAI MUSEUM; The Dubai museum is a popular tourist attraction in Dubai located at Al fahidi fort the museum provides archival glimpse into history of Dubai looked like in the past and it is filled with historical items.

7.DESERT SAFARI; Desert safari by jeep is a popular thing to do in Dubai several Nigerians enjoy camel rides, henna tattoos, belly dancing on a tour to the Desert safari.


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