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You want to travel a certain period cause it fits you but no one in your surroundings has the opportunity to accompany you. Recognize this problem? Take it easy there are ways out of it. First of all, you can always consider traveling on your own, of course this depends on where you are going but the truth is that it´s often a possibility. Many countries are pretty safe to visit on your own, as long as you use common sense and not take any unnecessary risks. But you can never escape the feeling of security, which comes with being two, provided that it´s a healthy person traveling along with you. To have someone to share experiences with and not feeling totally alone when the homesickness hits or the accident is there is very important to most people. If you have decided that you want and dare to travel with someone that is not your friend yet, the internet is a good tool to use. There are many pages that mediate travel company. But of course it´s impossible to tell how the person wil…


In seeking out the best holiday resorts in South Africa, a common thread emerges. These destinations cater to the every man … which means swimming pools, activities for the whole family, games rooms, playgrounds, and a restaurant or two on site are the universal features. They’re the kind of holiday resorts that give you that salty, sandy, suntan lotion scented feeling of being on leave. Like a warm fuzziness, mixed with some nostalgia (some of these resorts have been around since before I was born!), these are the kind of places where the biggest decision of the day is whether to base yourself around the pool, in the dam or at the beach. They’re the kind of places where a fleeting holiday romance is as common as forming lifelong friendships; well-rounded holiday hubs where the focus is on family-friendly entertainment and quality time well-spent. 

Zimbali, North Coast. You can’t get more exclusive, or beautiful than Zimbali, a magnificent estate on the northern KZN coastline that of…


Have your bags ever fallen victim to the bottomless pit of lost luggage? If you’re a frequent flyer and the airlines haven’t lost your luggage before then consider yourself lucky. As frustrating as it is when the airlines lose your luggage, I guess you have to put it down to human error… these things happen. At the same time, it can be an extremely annoying experience when your luggage is MIA and you have no idea where it is or how to get it back. We answer some frequently asked questions about lost luggage and how things like this happen in the first place and discuss what you need to do to retrieve it from the Bermuda triangle of lost luggage. What percentage of checked bags are lost? Airlines are getting smarter about baggage handling and relying on technology such as luggage tags and automated tracking systems to track luggage at major transfer points. This means the chances of your checked bags getting lost are very slim. However, the chances of luggage being put on another flig…


Excessive in flight idling of the Engine will cause  the Engine to cool to the point that fuel may not vaporize in carburetor, this drastically lens the mixture and can fail the engine,a sudden throttle movement at all times,keep the Engine warm during glides by frequently opening the throttle for a few seconds. You will never be prepared for an engine failure,an engine failure will never occur at an appropriate time. it takes a minimum of four seconds to become aware that the engine has failed.
RISK FACTORS OF ENGINE FAILURE An airport near mountains Deficiency of RADAR coverage Non precision approach Limited terrian lightening on the approach part.
Maintain terrain clearance altitude Descend only on published  routes Identify navaids before using cross check your position Night is the most dangerous time
Dealing with Engine failure depends on a series of factors, pilot competence, type of aircraft,type of failure altitude and general weather condition, focus must be on ke…


So, you’ve booked your flight to an incredible destination and you cannot contain your excitement. The day arrives and you’re headed to the airport, and suddenly standing in the middle of the airport seems daunting. Avoid the overwhelming feeling of having to navigate through the airport and making sure you catch your flight on time. We’ve curated a list of airport tips for the moment you’re getting ready to board your flight. With this airport tips guide, you’ll skip the airport angst and board your flight without any hassles.

Before Getting to the Airport 1.      Have your travel documents at hand Check that you have all the necessary travel documents. Local travellers travelling,can make use of a driver’s license to check in. If you’re flying internationally, make sure that you’re in possession of your valid passport and any other documents required to board your flight, such as visa OR return tickets. A great airport tip  highlights making a certified copy of your passport and to…


Port Elizabeth is fast becoming one of the coolest cities in South Africa. Even the sassy folk from Cape Town, can’t seem to resist its sunny boulevards and easy charm. It is a big city with a big personality, a secret underground creative culture, some of the coolest bars and eateries this side of the equator, and great stories, one of which involves a sultan and a ewe.
1. The beautiful haunted Opera House The city has a lot of beautiful old architecture, but the Victorian Opera House is one of the most interesting. The oldest of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere, this grand cabaret-style theater was opened in 1892 and is said to have been built on the site of an old gallows. Its history of haunting is long and colorful, much like its history of hosting spectacular ballets, operas, and musicals.

2. Cradle for creativity Port Elizabeth is famous for Route 67, an art journey that celebrates the years Nelson Mandela devoted himself to the freedom struggle, but that is just a tip of t…