Excessive in flight idling of the Engine will cause  the Engine to cool to the point that fuel may not vaporize in carburetor, this drastically lens the mixture and can fail the engine,a sudden throttle movement at all times,keep the Engine warm during glides by frequently opening the throttle for a few seconds.
You will never be prepared for an engine failure,an engine failure will never occur at an appropriate time. it takes a minimum of four seconds to become aware that the engine has failed.

An airport near mountains
Deficiency of RADAR coverage
Non precision approach
Limited terrian lightening on the approach part.


Maintain terrain clearance altitude
Descend only on published  routes
Identify navaids before using cross check your position
Night is the most dangerous time

Dealing with Engine failure depends on a series of factors, pilot competence, type of aircraft,type of failure altitude and general weather condition, focus must be on keeping the aircraft aloft and under control the more altitude the more option you have in acquiring assistance emergency checklist is the essential safety aid to be consulted as to what to do. apply carburetor heat,open alternate air, switch tanks, turn on fuel pump, check primer pump,select magneto, even moderate vibration calls for immediate shutdown.


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