Poisonous snakes called friends that you should avoid at the airports,
I have been travelling internationally going for 46 years now and still counting,there were good times and drama times.if you run into an old friend,male or female that you haven't seen for years at airport or inside plane,please face the reason why you are at the airport,meet outside  the plane or airport for catch up on any gist later.
Do not share airport trolley or cart with anyone,please have yours let them have theirs.
i was heading to New York from Lagos with a planned stop in London,i ran into an old friend that i didn't know was poisonous initially, we discussed at length, we even agreed to share a room at the hotel together to save money and catch up more,we crossed UK immigration ,i pick up my two suitcase and  put on a trolley, he picked his suitcase and put on mine, he said no need getting another trolley since his suitcase is not heavy, later when we got to the room he opened up to me that everything in his suitcase was illegal, what if i was caught it would have been another story.
Never accept any luggage from anyone at the airport, if they did not give you at home where you can check the content, decline anyone asking you to pay excess luggage fee so as to add their suitcase to yours, A lady  run into a friend who asked for help she decided to help him with excess luggage not knowing it contains fake wrist watches and fake naira notes at the airport the US customs detected it and took her away,since then you can never catch me helping anyone with excess luggage,one bad experience is enough.
have you had a bad airport experience?
please share your experience let everyone be informed.


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