You want to travel a certain period cause it fits you but no one in your surroundings has the opportunity to accompany you. Recognize this problem? Take it easy there are ways out of it. First of all, you can always consider traveling on your own, of course this depends on where you are going but the truth is that it´s often a possibility. Many countries are pretty safe to visit on your own, as long as you use common sense and not take any unnecessary risks.
But you can never escape the feeling of security, which comes with being two, provided that it´s a healthy person traveling along with you. To have someone to share experiences with and not feeling totally alone when the homesickness hits or the accident is there is very important to most people.
If you have decided that you want and dare to travel with someone that is not your friend yet, the internet is a good tool to use. There are many pages that mediate travel company. But of course it´s impossible to tell how the person will act once your gone and away. In the best of cases you end up being friends for the rest of your lives and in the worst your hole trip gets destroyed.
It´s a very good idea to meet, at least once, before you begin your trip. If you have time to do a miner trip, it´s even better. Look at it as a test trip where you get to know each other a bit. One day is usually enough to be ably to decide if the person will be in question for a trip abroad. If you live in different parts of the country you can meet in one of the country´s larger cities, that also have a larger selection of activities.


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