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There’s nothing worse than being stranded for a few hours in a tiny airport. One restaurant, maybe one crummy curio shop. Believe me so many people have been there. Here are a few of the world’s largest airports – in case you were wondering:

Chicago O’Hare International Airport Located in Chicago, IL this airport is known the world over. It is home to the second to largest United Airlines hub, and over 50% of this airport’s customers fly United. In 2012 a whopping 66,633,503 passengers passed through its terminals, making it the world’s fifth busiest airport. Known for their impeccable service, O’Hare International is very much recognized in the airline business – especially as they only seem to get better and better with every year that passes.

Tokyo Haneda Airport

Also one of the world’s busiest, in 2012 it saw 66,795,178 inpassenger traffic. The airport used to deal predominantly in domestic traffic, yet the Japanese transportation authority recently added an international termina…


Many travelers want vacations that are stress-free and enjoyable for the whole family, but most of the time family vacations need to be planned around nap time, school holidays as well as budget. When travelling with your children it takes more than just putting something in front of your kids to keep them occupied throughout the trip, it can become less stressful and more tempting to simply stay at home.

Create Endless Travel Memories With Your Family NogleTravels wants to show you just how fun every family holiday can be. We understand that holiday planning can be overwhelming at times which is why many families prefer not to travel with their children. That is why we are introducing a new travel guide category of kid-friendly holiday destinations. This new category is catered to all those families who want to explore the hidden gems of this world, but find it difficult to find everything you need at one place in order to do so.
Nogle Travels Has Made Travelling With The Family Muc…


Nogletravels  brings you 10 ways to make your next flight a dream experience. Save money, travel faster and get the best deal on your next flight with these indispensable tips. “choosing a bag with an eye-catching design makes it much easier for airport personnel to identify in the case that your bag has gone on an unplanned holiday of its own.” 1. Say goodbye to neck pain with the Face cradle pillow
This brand-new Kick starter-backed invention makes sleeping in Economy a dream. You are no longer in danger of agonizing neck cramps or embarrassing head droops on to fellow passengers. The Face cradle takes the basic design of the U-pillow to the next level. It allows you to sleep to the side on your shoulder comfortably, or go into a deep sleep facing forward (kind of like the pillow used on a massage table). The Face cradle does not interfere with the passenger behind’s TV. Available for pre-order. it’s a bit steep but much cheaper than upgrading to Business Class. It has five modes: d…


Getting ready for your vacation or business trip can be incredibly exciting. It’s all smooth flying and you’re well on your way to your destination. That is until your first flight lands at the airport and you’re confronted with the reality that you’ve missed your connecting flight. Now, what should you do? Do not panic! Here is a helpful guide on what to do at the airport, should you ever miss your connecting flight. Please note: there are no guarantees on how individual airlines will handle your situation. Each airline has their own policy regarding missed connecting flights. There are a few determining factors to consider before establishing a plan of action: 1. Whose fault was it?If it is the airline’s fault:If the airline is responsible for you missing your connecting flight because of a delayed flight or mechanical problems then it is very likely that the airline will rebook you on the next available flight. However, the airline is under no legal obligation to do this for you. Eac…


The Nigeria Meteorological Agency has warned Nigerians to prepare for more hot days and warm nights.
Nigerians has therefore been advised to engaged in smart adaption of practices such as,

1.Drinking more water to keep hydrated.

2.Keep a water bottle to remind you to take water.

3.Avoid alcoholic and caffeinated drinks during this period.

4.Reduce intake of foods that are rich in protein because they increase metabolic heat.

5.Eat lot of fresh foods,fruits and vegetables.

6.monitor your blood pressure.

7. Stay indoors between 12 noon and 3pm.

8.Take cold baths before going to bed at night.

A healthy nation is a wealthy nation, Nogle Travels cares about you, stay hydrated.