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Terrorism of any kind should be condemned.
Times like this will definitely make travelers and adventure lovers skeptical about considering one of Africa’s most beautiful and top visited destination.  Lavished with wildlife, grand landscapes, breathtaking mountain tops and timeless attractions to explore. Kenya remains a top destination to visit to begin a romantic affair with Africa – the celebrities who visited Kenya certainly knew this. Here are the reasons why Kenya should still be on your travel list. Nairobi, is the place to relish both the urban and cultural feel of the country.  The city prepares you ahead of an all-round experience of the safari filled country. It is the typical African city. 

Famous for its people and its well preserved Savannah wildlife; Massai Mara is a must stop for explorers.  Get ready to feed your eyes with the beautiful sunset over the grassy plains of its villages, a swell view of mother nature in its elements, the big cats of the continent including…


If you’re one to say ‘my goal is to travel’ or ‘my goal in life is to travel the world’, whether you’re an avid traveler or you are still indifferent about travel, this is for you. Here’s how to accomplish your travel goals for 2019 Make Traveling a Real Priority
Traveling this year is possible if you prioritize travel as part of your goals. You don’t have to go all out; start by setting short-term travel goals for traveling this year and stick to them. Write a Travel List
You can’t work on vague travel dreams. Narrow your travel options by making a list of your dream destinations as well as a bucket list (keep it realistic). You can cut out pictures of your travel destinations and drool over them for a while. Put them (your list or pictures) where you can always see them fighting for your attention. Stop Making Excuses – Make a Plan
“To travel means you have to break the bank” – this is soo 19th century! Stop making excuses, prioritize your goals, plan and stick to it. To enable you to pla…


Located in the center of the Chinese capital, Beijing – the forbidden city remains an iconic element in Chinese  history.

Built by an approximate 1 million labourers for 14 years from 1406 to 1420, consisting of 980 buildings, over 9000 rooms that cover 720,000 square meters making it the world’s largest imperial palace. A visit to China would never be complete without a visit to one of the most visited sites in the World – which is not totally forbidden as its name claims, the name is translated from the Chinese word “紫禁城“, which literally means “Purple Forbidden City”. Declared by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site in 1987 for preserving the ancient world in this present age.  Here are some facts about why visiting China should be on your list this summer: The Forbidden City has 14 million visitors annually, so you too can add to that number. Every year during spring ( April – May) and autumn (September – October) people visit the city with the majority visiting during summer from (June – Au…


It’s that time of the month again. For lovers, it is a great way to show off their love with- overpriced perfumes, teddies, flowers and chocolates (even if you aren’t a chocolate fan). Everything sounds and tastes romantic on the 14th of February. For some, the 14th of February is the opposite. It is known as Singles.Awareness.Day (S.A.D) aka Anti- Valentine’s Day. With this list, we shall show that even singles can have as much fun as lovers. Hang Out With Friend Friendships are one of the greatest gifts in life, they make the world go round. With a friend,  there’s always something to laugh about, smile about and something to talk about. This Valentine’s we’ve got the perfect way to celebrate true friendship.
Treat yourself What better day than Valentine’s to show yourself some love and get a well deserved TLC treatment. Whatever it is that makes you happy- spa treatments, yoga sessions, eating out, binging on old movies. Go right ahead and pamper yourself, you deserve it. Show Lov…


Let’s face it, airline food can be somewhat boring, it’s even more upsetting when you are travelling and at the same time, you’re on a diet plan. There is no harm packing some travel snacks in your carry on for you and your family.  We have listed 7 easy travel snacks to pack on an aeroplane. Dry fruits & nuts
Apart from being beneficial to the brain and essential for weight loss, it is naturally high in monounsaturated fatty acids which helps combat jet lag and flight fatigue. You can pack some of these snacks in portable leak proof lunch bags that fit into your carry on. Most popular fruits and nuts include Pistachios, almonds, dates, cashews etc. Granola bars
Except you’ve got some “healthy” homemade granola bar recipes, granola bars are easy to get in stores and convenient to pack for your trip. You can pack some in a Ziploc bag, put in your hand luggage and once you go hungry, you know just what to do  Granola bars last long and do not perish so travel the world with this energy …