If you’re one to say ‘my goal is to travel’ or ‘my goal in life is to travel the world’, whether you’re an avid traveler or you are still indifferent about travel, this is for you. Here’s how to accomplish your travel goals for 2019

Make Traveling a Real Priority

Traveling this year is possible if you prioritize travel as part of your goals. You don’t have to go all out; start by setting short-term travel goals for traveling this year and stick to them.

Write a Travel List

You can’t work on vague travel dreams. Narrow your travel options by making a list of your dream destinations as well as a bucket list (keep it realistic). You can cut out pictures of your travel destinations and drool over them for a while. Put them (your list or pictures) where you can always see them fighting for your attention.

Stop Making Excuses – Make a Plan

“To travel means you have to break the bank” – this is soo 19th century! Stop making excuses, prioritize your goals, plan and stick to it. To enable you to plan and prioritize better, you can compare destinations and prices using the Nogletravels search tool.

Travel Funds

Welcome to the serious part. How are you going to fund this?
First things first, get a rough estimate of how much your trip would cost – flights, hotel, transportation, food as well as the local cost of living for the number of days you intend to spend there. Once you’ve gotten this information, set a fixed spending budget; be honest about how much you can comfortably set aside bi-weekly or monthly for your travel. Set up a ‘travel savings’ account where you can religiously save. Stick to the plan and you are good to go!
Also, revisit your travel budget on a regular basis to see if anything needs to be updated so as not to be caught unawares.


Don’t let your busy schedules rule over your travel goals this year. Keep in mind that your vacations don’t have to be long or expensive for them to offer the best experiences.
A perfect way to start your travel frenzy is by planning ahead – pick a couple of sights to see and things you will love to do. Opt for long weekend holidays – a long weekend is just enough to make great memories.


You’ve made traveling this 2019 a priority, the destinations, bucket list, and travel budget are on a lockdown. Well, now it’s time to maximize your travel opportunities. Lookout for travel deals – flights and hotels.
Don’t know where to start?
visit www.nogletravels.com

Travel Inspiration

Get beneath the surface. Keep your travel motivation level on a high. Become obsessed with your dream destinations. Read articles and travel guides on your travel destinations.
Reading and subscribing to the Nogle travels Blog can help you paint a picture of your destination and also give you more information you will need to make your vacation hitch-free.

Travel Buddy

Having a travel buddy will help you stay on track. Choose a travel buddy that shares your travel interests and will keep you in check. Share your plans and bucket list goals.
If you will rather travel alone, set your travel goals for 2019, have fixed deadlines and make sure you achieve them. Move one step at a time, it’s that’s easy!
I’m interested in your travel goals for 2019. Leave a comment below:


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