Terrorism of any kind should be condemned.

Times like this will definitely make travelers and adventure lovers skeptical about considering one of Africa’s most beautiful and top visited destination. 
Lavished with wildlife, grand landscapes, breathtaking mountain tops and timeless attractions to explore. Kenya remains a top destination to visit to begin a romantic affair with Africa – the celebrities who visited Kenya certainly knew this.
Here are the reasons why Kenya should still be on your travel list.
Nairobi, is the place to relish both the urban and cultural feel of the country.  The city prepares you ahead of an all-round experience of the safari filled country. It is the typical African city. 

Famous for its people and its well preserved Savannah wildlife; Massai Mara is a must stop for explorers. 
Get ready to feed your eyes with the beautiful sunset over the grassy plains of its villages, a swell view of mother nature in its elements, the big cats of the continent including Lions, Cheetah, Tigers and other animal
If you are a fan of the beach, Mombasa is the next stop during your visit to Kenya. Mombasa is the country’s oldest city. Bordered by the Indian Ocean, Mombasa is the seaport city.
Visits to the Diani beach, the Island of Mombasa, the Mombasa marine national park and reserve should close the deal for visitors who want to have a go at the ocean.

Adventure is what Kenya is all about. A mountain trek during your visit should be considered.
Did you know Mount Kenya is the second highest mountain in Africa after Mount Kilimanjaro?
Climbing the mountain should be the perfect climax to your adventurous visit to Kenya. 


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