Cheers to the weekend! It’s time to escape the bustling life of Lagos and experience the sun, sand, and sea. Here are the top 3 beaches in Lagos to visit this weekend:
Pop Beach Club

Welcome to Pop Beach Club! A membership only sports club. This is where the cool kids come out to play. With countless activities which include surfing, kayaking, painting lessons, volleyball and beach yoga, there is something in store for everyone. Feel the vibrant pop culture as you kick back and relax with your friends this weekend.
Atican Beach
Host a private beach party for you and your friends this weekend at the Atican Beach Resort – one of the private beaches in Lekki, Lagos. It is a beautiful relaxation spot and one of the top beaches in Lagos. Spend time with your family and friends in this serene environment. Catch the waves, feel the sand, let the hustle and bustle of Lagos go at the Atican Beach, Lekki.
Tarkwa Bay

Relax and have fun in Lagos this weekend at the Tarkwa bay resort – one of the best beaches in Lagos. Enjoy amazing views as you take a cruise to the island. Treat yourself to some fresh fish barbeque. Swimming, surfing and water skiing are some of the fun activities to look forward to at the Tarkwa Bay Resort. If you are looking for some photography inspiration, don’t forget to bring your camera as you will find breathtaking views as well as some beautiful, wrecked ships to serve as your muse.


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