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In the name of the sun, sand and beautiful weather – we pronounce summer upon all of you!
We are just as excited as everyone anywhere in the world who loves a summer break. Here are 5 things to do this year, we promise you’ll ask for a longer list next time.
Unplug your phone and reach out to real friends and family.

The 21st century definitely gave us a lot to be excited about and enjoy all the good things in life. However, it definitely stole from us quality time with friends and family. Everyone is on the internet these days and certainly gets less quality time with friends or family to catch up and have a good laugh.  Summertime is a time to step away from your mobile gadgets and get a good rib- cracking laugh catching up with friends and family members. Your inner self will definitely say thank you after this. Attend major concerts.
What more good will you do to yourself than highlight the major concerts in your city, pick the ones that interests you and actually attending most of…


Malawi is not only the warm heart of Africa, but also the genuinely friendly,safe and in many ways undiscovered heart of Africa,An exclusive destination that is just that little bit different from its better known neighbors.

Here are 10 reasons to visit Malawi:

1.Pleasant climate

2. Peaceful and compact

3 Big on hospitality

4 Lake Malawi

5 Authentic nature experience

6 Attractive outdoor sporting conditions

7 Rich cultural heritage

8 Local delicacies

9 Africa's newest Big five destination

10 Popular events.


Experiences. What would our lives be without them? Probably an old warship sitting at the docks – there’s nothing exciting about that until it leaves shore, and do what warships do. Meanwhile, last night I had a dream where Serena Williams was doing a speaking tour on her travel experiences and she had to interview me on stage – she asked what I thought women love when they travel. I woke up without answering those questions, and here I am, what do women really want?
According to research, women are wired to shopping in the same way that men are wired to sports and can be just the right motivation for a lady to travel. Women love new things, even if they seem to have enough of these things. So when planning a trip you really have to put into consideration whether the destination is prominent for new items to shop for, from fashion bags, shoes, clothes, pieces of jewelry and other attractive stuff.  The mall or even the local markets in the city is just the right place to expl…