Experiences. What would our lives be without them? Probably an old warship sitting at the docks – there’s nothing exciting about that until it leaves shore, and do what warships do.
Meanwhile, last night I had a dream where Serena Williams was doing a speaking tour on her travel experiences and she had to interview me on stage – she asked what I thought women love when they travel. I woke up without answering those questions, and here I am, what do women really want?


According to research, women are wired to shopping in the same way that men are wired to sports and can be just the right motivation for a lady to travel. Women love new things, even if they seem to have enough of these things.
So when planning a trip you really have to put into consideration whether the destination is prominent for new items to shop for, from fashion bags, shoes, clothes, pieces of jewelry and other attractive stuff. 
The mall or even the local markets in the city is just the right place to explore. 


Take this piece of good advice – the beautiful Islands and sunset beaches are always a perfect getaway destination for ladies.
Boat cruises, ski jets, tan treatments, snorkelling are all part of the beach experience and trust me everyone wants that.
A relaxed body and mind during a trip are quite paramount for anyone. However, every woman wants her skin glowing during and after a trip, so a spa appointment included as part of your trip itinerary is just about the right thing to do. 

Good Food

Good food, not just any food is non-negotiable for a first-time female traveler to any destination. A trip to a fancy restaurant in the city should be on the books and if street food must be tried, ensure you pick the best local joint for that experience.



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