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Travelling alone could seem timid for a first-time traveler, especially when you haven’t been to a particular country before – you may easily worry about little things. Although travelling in a group could boost the fun, who said you can’t have all the dose of fun while travelling alone. In fact, there’s a whole lot to do when you travel alone as opposed to travelling in a group. So, why not travel alone? Here are fun tips outlined in no particular order that could help you get the most of your travel. 1. Start Your Day Early

This seems far fetched for an average Nigerian because you know, ‘Nigerian time’ but as insignificant as it might seem, starting your day early is a great way to really explore and make the most of your trip. When you start your day early you get to be properly organized and conveniently tour around the city. 2. Do Things You Have Always Wanted To Do

Don’t be hesitant to talk to that good looking fellow, or go to that particular spot you have always wanted to or e…


The heartbeat of Western Nigeria, Lagos remains one of the most iconic cities in Africa. A perfect mix of Nigerian culture and urban civilization. Talk of the Lagos party – the city offers real Nigerian energy, color and pure magic.  Lagos is for the adventurous at heart, the fun lover, a perfect escape destination for all and sundry. A city divided by cultures, yet bonded by the spirit of hustle. A city that never sleeps.  Shopping in the city can be as busy as the city itself. However, if you know your way through the nooks and cranny across the land, getting exciting things to shop for is just one glance through this piece. Shopping for Art

Shopping for arts might look like is far fetched and only reserved for the super-rich. Let me blow your mind a bit, there is a lot of beautiful cheap art in the market for those looking to buy one just get ready to bargain. And guess the best place to buy art in Nigeria? Lagos is your best bet.  The Lekki art market, located on Oba Elegushi Stre…

Top 5 Cities To Experience The Best Of Nigeria

Nigeria is one of the most sought after tourism countries in the world. It is one of Africa’s most exuberant countries, rich in Nature,culture and traditional customs, an enjoyable stopover for tourists who loves romantic getaways and delicious cuisine. So surprising, we see thousands of visitors coming to Nigeria throughout the year. Here are the top five cities out of the 36 states in Nigeria where you can visit and experience the best of Nigeria:

1. Lagos The city of Lagos would always cast a magical spell on its visitors; it begins right from the moment you get to the city. There are literally ‘thousands’ of places that would catch your fancy when it comes to major attraction centers. Lagos is famous for its music scene and exploding arts and beckons on people who enjoy fashion, architecture, cuisine and social life. It has become a top destination for those who love the nightlife. There is virtually nothing you would wish for in tourism and relaxation fused with luxury that you wou…


Opinions they say are like noses and they definitely do come in different sizes, shapes, and colours – so are travel ideas. People are inclined to different things, places and activities when they go on holidays and we know this. However, we have compiled a must to do list that you should try at least once during your travels, we promise you won’t get bored. Hike a mountain

Hiking is never an easy but definitely one travel experience that won’t leach away in time soon for you to forget in a hurry.  Depending on how adventurous you are, there are quite a few mountains that could be your best bet to have an experience of a lifetime – The Table mountain, Mt. Kilimanjaro, Mt. Everest, The Matterhorn, The Andes among the lot. Namibia is also a good adventure destination to experience hiking. Visit a Safari

A wise man once said, “we live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm, and adventure and there is no end to the adventures we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open.…