Top 5 Cities To Experience The Best Of Nigeria

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Nigeria is one of the most sought after tourism countries in the world. It is one of Africa’s most exuberant countries, rich in Nature,culture and traditional customs, an enjoyable stopover for tourists who loves romantic getaways and delicious cuisine. So surprising, we see thousands of visitors coming to Nigeria throughout the year.
Here are the top five cities out of the 36 states in Nigeria where you can visit and experience the best of Nigeria:

1. Lagos

The city of Lagos would always cast a magical spell on its visitors; it begins right from the moment you get to the city. There are literally ‘thousands’ of places that would catch your fancy when it comes to major attraction centers. Lagos is famous for its music scene and exploding arts and beckons on people who enjoy fashion, architecture, cuisine and social life. It has become a top destination for those who love the nightlife. There is virtually nothing you would wish for in tourism and relaxation fused with luxury that you would not find in Lagos. You can enjoy the beautiful water scenario when you visit beaches like Elegushi Beach, Atican Beach,Alpha Beach and Badagry beach. Talk about nightlife, you can have fun till the next morning in clubs like Rumors club ,Cubana Club Lagos, Africa Shrine.There are lots of restaurants and lounge to visit like Tea room lekki,The Grandlux Lagos,Hardrock Cafe etc.Lagos stands out in Nigeria as a city of fun and relaxation.

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2. Abuja

Whether you are in Abuja, the capital territory for business or leisure trip, the city has a lot of social activities for you to get involved with, perfectly planned and developed with parks and green areas, Abuja has become the country’s best purpose built city. The city got fashion, commerce, education, tourism and entertainment all spread out for you. Kids are not left out in this city with the Millennium Park and other parks take care of their curiosities and playful activities. This is one city you arrive and may not think that you are in Africa. Abuja has a lot of activities properly spread out for you, luxury hotels and historic sites for you to experience. Similarly, there are great hotels and restaurants where you are served the local delicacies including continental cuisines.Places to explore while in Abuja are Jabi Lake, Zuma Rock,Magic Land,Tobix Recreation Park and Garden and so much more.

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3. Calabar

The Canaan City has become a sort of ‘Mecca’ for everyone. The reason for this attraction is simple; it is beautiful city that is endowed with a rich culture and natural attractions. Every year, the Cross River State Annual Christmas Festival brings music, entertainment and parades to the city. Apart from this festival, every day in Calabar offers you everything you may need in any Western city in the world. The local delicacies are irresistible, the fun and exciting activities are unending, major tourist attraction centers like the famous Obudu Cattle and Tinapa Resort and the people’s hospitality puts the city as one of the best places you can be in Nigeria.

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4. Enugu
Enugu, is now ‘Nigeria Hollywood’ because it is the center of Nollywood, dabbed the ‘Coal City’ and delivers a lifestyle of luxury serenity and security. Enugu has all the magic and grandness that any modern city can offer you, first time tourists arrive the city to witness a romantic experience in its numerous festivals, state of art amusement facilities, shrines, caves, clubs that heat up the city all through the nights. If you want a city that would make you feel at home with a social life that is exciting. Enugu has been argued to be one the most beautifully planned cities in Nigeria. The charm of the city is very unique with places like the Ngwo Pine forest, Opi Lake Complex, Eziagu tourism complex, Ani Ozalla Lake, silicon hill, Iva valley coal mine, Awhum waterfall, Milken hill, and other attractions waiting for you to visit.

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5. Port Harcourt

We called Port Harcourt the ‘Garden City’ and indeed, it is all greenery with mesmerizing attraction centers, apart from the blue water where you can spend time and experience water related activities, there are lots of wildlife, museums, monuments and shrines to visit. The nightlife is great and the smell of the spicy meat kebabs that are cooked over a charcoal grill, popularly called ‘suya’ can be irresistible. The city has been developed to meet the demand of every visitor in terms of tourism, education, entertainment and culture. You think you have seen it all when it comes to hospitality and a rich city life, Port Harcourt would surely surprise you with its special tourist packages. The Port Harcourt tourist beach,Ifako beach,Bonny island, the Cultural Center, the Rivers State Museum and Isaac Boro Garden Park,Port harcourt golf club,Garden city amusement park can be some of the places you can visit when you are here.

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What are your experiences in these cites? Leave a comment below.

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