Don’t let the worry of getting your visa, stop you from crossing off your travel destinations this year. There are a number of beautiful places to visit and all you require is a visa on arrival. This article will cover a number of exotic places you can visit, all you need is your plane ticket and a good mindset. To make the best memories this year!

This Caribbean island is a must-see for all those Tropicana vibes you need, to take the best Instagram shots. For a go-to spot to visit this summer holiday look no further than Barbados, make your dream holiday a reality. Apart from the serene environment, there are other places to explore like the Harrison’s Cave. The best part, a visa is free for 6 months, you have ample time to live your best life. 
Forbidden City
Cameroon is seemingly becoming more popular among its African counterparts. This may be because of its gorgeous beaches, wild Waza National Park, Mount Cameroon which has slowly become every hitchhiker’s dream. Best of all Cameroon is visa-free, explore central Africa with your close pals or even a solo trip!
Cape Verde
Caribbean beach
This country is seated on a volcanic archipelago and has a mix of both the Creole Portuguese and African culture.  This picturesque destination is every holiday maker’s dream. Wake up in paradise and soak in the beautiful splendor Cape Verde has to offer. This is another amazing destination that requires a visa on arrival. 
Maraji In Kenya – Nairobi
When discussing visa on arrival destinations, Kenya is a must that should be on the list. This East Africa jewel is a beauty that has to be visited by any adventure seeker. From the Amboseli National Park to the Lake Nakuru to climbing Mount Kenya. Kenya has a number of exciting places to see.
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